Benefits of Learning English as an Adult

Although it is always recommended that you learn English from as young an age as possible, that isn´t to say that it is impossible to learn English as an adult.

It has been demonstrated that children are very receptive to all linguistic stimuli, but don´t let that stop you from learning a second language now.

For an adult it isn’t as difficult to learn English as you may think. There are numerous studies that have shown the advantages that adults have when it comes to learning a new language.

Life experience and maturity provide them with tools and techniques that children simply do not have. Forget about the myth that you are not going to be able to learn English when you are an adult, because it is a lie.

In adulthood there are many factors that can affect your decision to learn a new foreign language.

The lack of free time, work, and family are some of the things that can complicate the decision to learn a new language.

But in the end, with motivation and interest you can learn English, or any language that you want in fact. 

Nowadays it is very important to know English in order to open up doors in the world of work. Therefore, if you are an adult, your time to learn to speak English is right now.

Why is it a Good Idea to Study English When You Are an Adult?

Learning a new language as an adult has a series of advantages that are described below:

  • Adults have a more developed cognitive system; therefore, it is much easier to understand new things with their greater experience of learning. They have a greater knowledge of themselves and of the learning techniques that work best for them. Thus, an adult is much more efficient at studying a new language.
  • Adults have more experience, with which they will be capable of making more associations with vocabulary that they are learning.
  • Adults possess a wider vocabulary and a better understanding of concepts. This for example will allow them to understand things more easily and form abstract grammatical constructions.
  • There are many possibilities when learning. An adult has a greater motivation for learning, and this will mean that they find fun alternatives to use in order to achieve their aims. They may look for an English course, benefit from the advantages of going on a linguistic immersion programme abroad, read books, or even watch films or series in their original versions.

Learning a new language can become a truly exciting hobby, and moreover, it has important benefits:

Increase in Intellectual Development

When learning a new language, you have to try very hard to absorb new sounds, new words and grammatical forms, among many other things. Consequently, you will improve your intellectual performance and increase your capacity to concentrate. In this manner, you will be able to manage yourself in different situations simultaneously.


Neurological experts state that there is no better exercise for the brain than keeping it working by learning a new language. Practicing English activates your memory and creates new connections in your brain when changing from one language to another.

It Strengthens your Memory

With the effort that is implied when practicing English, remembering sounds, words, and grammatical forms, you end up strengthening your memory.

By reinforcing your mental capacity, you can even decrease your chances that in the future, you will suffer from some kind of cognitive deterioration.

Improve your “Mental Flexibility” or Neurological Regeneration

By learning a second language, your capacity of neurological regeneration increases. Why? Well it is because during this process of learning a language, all your cognitive functions are working, and by changing from our native language to one that we are learning, we are having to create more neurological connections.

A study carried out by University College London concluded that with learning a new language, we acquire greater cognitive speed.

Making New Friends

If you have decided to learn English as an adult, another of the advantages is that you will be able to meet new people that are in the same position as yourself.

You will be able to share interests and worries during this process, and in time, gain the necessary motivation to continue day after day with practicing the language. There is nothing better than making friends with those who support and share this hobby.

If you are an adult, why wait to start with the adventure that is learning English? Follow this path with Nathalie Languages. 

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