Find out why Flag Day is Celebrated in the US

Find out why Flag Day is Celebrated in the US. Today, you will find out what Flag Day is, a national celebration that takes place on the 14th June in the United States. It’s not officially a public holiday, but this day has a markedly special character.

It’s important to know the traditions of a country, especially if you’re considering taking part in an academic course abroad. We recently told you why Memorial Day is celebrated, and now you are going to learn the reason for this tradition.

On this day, the most valuable symbol of the country is honoured and the date on which it is celebrated, the national flag is remembered. The adoption of this symbol took place in 1777 by a congressional resolution. At that time, it was decided to replace the British symbols with a new flag model that would bring together the 13 colonies. Every year, citizens celebrate flag day on the same day that the American army commemorates its anniversary. 


The Origin of Flag Day in the US

The flag was adopted in the second resolution of the Second Continental Congress, on June 14th 1777. The first one showed 13 alternate red and white stripes, and 13 white stars over the blue zone. Since that date, there have been up to 27 official versions of the national emblem.

The first public proposal to celebrate the birth of the quintessential American symbol was in June 1886. Bernard Cigrand published an article titled “The Fourteen of June” for a newspaper.

This effort materialised in 1916, when President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed that the 14th June would be Flag Day. In August 1949, it was named at a national level, although it is not considered a national holiday.


Evolution of the US Flag Design

It is always thought that the designer of the first American flag was Betsy Ross, but there is no evidence to support this, the only historical record comes from her grandson in 1870.

The current 50-star flag was created by a 17-year-old student named Robert G. Heft in 1958 for a project in his class and was chosen by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

There would be no Flag Day without a flag but did you know that it is known by the name of “Old Glory”? The design of this “Old Glory” has been modified over time.

The current emblem is made up of 13 horizontal stripes in red upwards, alternated with white lines and with a rectangle with a blue background in which 50 white stars with five points are located. Each star represents the states that make up the United States, and the 13 lines are the original colonies that became the first states of the Union.


A Flag full of Symbols

White signifies purity, red signifies courage, and blue signifies justice and perseverance. It represents FREEDOM, in capital letters, and has been the meaning that has stuck in the minds of everyone.

During Flag Day events, citizens take the opportunity to remember their loyalty to their country, reaffirm their belief in freedom and justice, as well as express their strength and unity as a is very common to see flags displayed in houses and public buildings.

There are organisations like The National Flag Day Foundation that dedicate their work to coordinating activities and all kind of events to keep the tradition alive. Although it is not a national holiday, there are states that take it as one, this is case in Montour County in Pennsylvania.


We hope that you have enjoyed the post. It never hurts to know about American traditions and even more so for when you want to go and study abroad.


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