The Emotional Salary: The Importance of Retaining Talent in your Company

The Emotional Salary: The Importance of Retaining Talent in your Company. The emotional salary is a new concept that is entering the business field, meaning to have a dedicated, motivated and committed team. Times have changed, and an upward trend is the drive of the new generations of workers towards a new way of valuing the compensation that a job can bring them.

If you want an employee to perform well in their job, it is important to provide them with a fair salary and bonuses, or other monetary incentives. However, money is not the only thing that keeps workers satisfied with their position. To keep the team at the foot of the gun, it’s recommended to complement the financial compensation with the emotional salary, which is gaining more and more popularity in the workplace.

According the Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist known as one of the founders and main exponents of humanistic psychology, the needs of a human work team transcend basic and physiological needs; well by promoting the recognition and self-realisation of your employees, you will achieve productive and motivated workers.


Keep your team motivated thanks to the emotional salary

The emotional salary is the set of non-monetary benefits that a company offers its workers and that complement the traditional salary with new creative formulas that are adapted to modern needs. This incentive motivates employees and enables companies to keep their talent.

The different types of emotional salary vary from company to company, but there are some basic ones that always result in the happiness and satisfaction of your workers.

Good working environment: Achieving a pleasant work environment will ensure that employees feel comfortable and work effectively as a team.

Personal and Professional Development: Providing continuous training opportunities to workers is essential and providing education to update old skills and learn new ones is a great way to keep your team motivated.

Compatibility with Personal Life: Offering days off for medical appointments or to attend personal matters, having a flexible schedule, allowing employees to telecommute once a week, or giving vacation days to meet certain goals are excellent elements to include in an emotional salary.

Participation in the Decision-Making of the Company: Listening to the opinions of workers before deciding on any issue is very important. Your human team is an essential part of the company, and nothing works without them. Therefore, it’s recommended that you give them a voice, you listen to them, you show that their opinions and feelings matter and can affect the present and the future of the company.


The Benefits of Working on the Professional Development of your Employees

We will not tire of saying that the people who are part of your organisation are the most valuable resource, and for this reason, you have to ensure their well-being, enhancing their motivation and their involvement in the company.

Within the concept of an emotional salary, training for workers is not only a basic tool for the operation of your company and for your needs, but it will raise the levels of excellence and competitiveness to motivate and incentivise your team.

In short, employee training is one of the ways to maintain a good work environment.

In our centre, Nathalie Language Experiences, we work so that you can obtain the best results from the training you offer to your team, adapting our strategy to each and every one of the demands of your company and achieve, quickly and effectively, grow in your sector.


Discover 10 Advantages of Training your Team

1.Encourages the arrival of new talent. If your company considers itself one that values and invests in its workers, it is key to give training.

2.Projects a more professional and qualified image of the company in the global market.

3.It offers and promotes the possibility of accessing international business opportunities.

4.The training is adapted to the specific needs of the company: sector, vocabulary, situations that require the use of English etc.

5.Increases the productivity and motivation for your team.

6.Reduce failures, misunderstandings or complaints from your organisation’s international clients.

7.It positively affects the mood and consequently increases the motivation for the staff.

8.Decreases staff turnover and absences.

9.Provides a competitive advantage over your commercial competitors.

10.It facilitates conciliation, since the worker will be able to combine his training hours with his work hours without having to go to an academy.


Rely on Emotional Salary to Keep the Talent in Your Team

It is important that you understand that all employees need an emotional salary to feel that their work is meaningful and to know that they will have opportunities to grow professionally.

By encouraging the motivation of your team, you will achieve a commitment to meet common goals and employees will work hard to achieve them. A successful workplace is one in which both the company and the workers win.

My job is to make the entire executive team good enough to be successors. Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple.

At Nathalie Language Experiences we are committed to practical, effective classes adapted to the needs of your sector and company. Classes where your employees will acquire excellent communication skills in a professional way in English, without diverting attention from the real objectives of the company: negotiating, selling products, giving lectures, making presentations in English, obtaining official certificates…

We offer 100% online courses created for you, or live videoconferences. Whatever way you choose, the training will always be personalised.


Bonus Training for your Team, the Solution you Need

Did you know that a large part of worker training can be rewarded? It is an excellent option to reward and motivate your team.

Start now and bet on the emotional salary so that your employees are satisfied, delivered and committed to the company. It’s a way of training that is financed through help by the state.

Every company that is listed on social security has the right to allocate a fee to training plans. Before accessing the bonus, you should know that the bonus percentage will vary according to the number of workers and there are also a series of minimum requirements.

At Nathalie Language Experiences, as an approved centre, we can offer you the subsidised training plan adapted to your needs and those of your company, with face-to-face and online versions.

Bet on bonus training now. Invest in your future and that of your company. Train with us.


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