In order to learn English properly, you must practise. The best way of applying everything that you have learned in the classroom is travelling. The trips abroad are an ideal complement to the development of your language. With our linguistic immersion programs, not only will you improve your level of English, but you will also end up mastering the English language by practising it 24 hours a day.

Practise your English in the best destinations

We have total immersion courses in diverse locations, such as Ireland, England, and Scotland. In these stays abroad, as well as classes, you will enjoy a cultural and linguistic experience that is incomparable.

In this section, you will learn about the advantages of taking part in this type of stay outside of Spain. We will also give you relevant information about these courses.

We will help you to prepare for your trip and give you the details of the programs that we offer. If you want to have a trip that will improve or perfect your level of English, don’t wait any longer. Prepare yourself to mate the next step, to make a significant impact on your future.


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