Our students in Malta

This is how our stays are to learn English abroad

Do you want to discover first hand how our stays abroad to learn English are? There is nothing better than the testimony of a student who is very happy and satisfied with her experience.

Surely you know that we are experts in the design of language immersion programs and it’s not the first time that we have told you that the best way to perfect a language is to live in it, hence our goal to promote this kind of learning.

Knowing English is important for travelling, to find a job, and, in general, to develop in an increasingly global world. In addition, it’s a great way to make friends, mature, and grow on a personal level.


Our students being abroad



Put the language into practice with immersion trips abroad

The reality is that no matter how much I learn English at school, in after-school classes or in self-taught mode, to learn English you have to put it into practice. And how can you achieve this? By travelling to an English-speaking country and immerse yourself in the culture of the country.

In an immersive environment, the student is forced to communicate and interact to get through their day-to-day life. in our programmes, as well as daily English classes, you live with native host families to guarantee safety, to become immersed in the local customs, and, above all, to get the student to speak English as much as possible.

We have some wonderful host families whose dedication and commitment to the language program is indisputable. This is how we make this immersion stay to learn English abroad warm, welcoming and very familiar. When our students ask us, we usually give them some tips for living with host families.

One of the highlights of these courses is the extraordinary teaching team, there are expert English teachers who give everything to guarantee the assimilation of the language.

Today we are going to hear the testimony of student Clara Rosal García who has been in Killarney enjoying an immersion program. There are many reasons to study English in Ireland, but today we are just ging to focus on how this young woman’s experience has been. Find out below.


Our students being abroad

Whistable, England


How did you enjoy this trip abroad?

This experience has been unforgettable for Clara, a Nathalie Language Experiences student who admits that this stay abroad to learn English has been wonderful. She tells us:

Being away from home has been easy for me, especially since my host family were really fantastic. She was a lovely, sweet and caring 60-year-old woman who cared about everything. She always cared about me, made me feel at home and I felt like I could count on her at all times. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the time I’ve spent with her.

The English classes have been very fun, both the teacher and my classmates made everything go very smoothly and it was so easy to participate in the classroom… Aileen and Aina are two great teachers, I take away precious memories of them.

The activities have also been very good, but one of my favourites has been the trip to Dublin and surfing. They have been unforgettable experiences that I would love to do again.

I can only say positive things about the monitors. Isabel, one of the coordinators, always made me laugh and she was there if I needed anything.

This trip has been very special, I have met many people who I am still friends with today and I hope that I can go again sometime to continue learning English.


Do you want to have as much fun as Clara? Trust Nathalie Language Experiences. Enjoy a trip abroad to learn English, with the best host families, the most experienced teachers, the most exciting activity plans and with the guarantee that you will improve your skills.

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