Learning English for business growth

Learning English: The foundation of your business growth

The growth of your business is in your hands and learning English is fundamental. One of the keys for your organisation to grow in a highly competitive environment and obtain great benefits is to take the leap and cross borders.

Access to international markets provides extraordinary business opportunities and can be the defining moment for your team to consolidate itself as a great leader within its sector.

Advantages of taking the leap towards internationalisation

According to the EAE Business School, making this decision can be important for the growth of your company. Discover the main benefits below:

  • A considerable rise in sales, since with the opening to new markets the client portfolio is expanded and, therefore, the possibilities of having more orders and a higher turnover increase.
  • Greater competitiveness, because international corporations tend to have higher productivity rates and obtain higher volumes of business than those who do not open to the foreign market.
  • Reduction or diversification of risk by not having to depend on the local market and regular customers.
  • Greater experience and knowledge of the consumer and competitors in foreign markets.
  • Greater prestige, by mastering English, the language that all leaders use and know, international representation directly acquires greater credibility in the sector.

However, in order to benefit from all these advantages, the internationalisation process also requires a consolidated knowledge of effective communication, through mastering the corporate language: English.


learning english for business growth


Learning English is important to achieve growth of your company

Or, put another way, it is guarantee of assured success for your company.

The speed of expansion, according to Kristin Wong journalist from the New York Times, is knowing what the next step a business should take is and when they should take it, planning and organisation is as important as execution.

And here, understanding is key. Once the time to expand into new markets has been planned, it is time to analyse, get to know and train your team to know who will lead and intervene in important international relations.

Effective communication is crucial in order to expand

To expand further than the national borders having effective communication is fundamental for ant entity. In fact, this strategy plays a key role in the development of your products, relationships with the client and other companies, management of your employees and virtually every aspect of your business operations.

Professionals are a key audience as they often serve as a conduit for other audiences. If they are informed and engaged, communications with other groups will be strong as well.

People in managerial roles spend a lot of time communicating and need to master a number of expressions and turns of the language in Business English if they are to be successful in their work.

Therefore, we can ensure that effective communication is a basic component of successful organisations.


learning english for business growth


Talking and communicating in English: one of the communicative barriers of international relationships.

Without question, language and linguistic capability can act like a barrier of communication and can be crucial for the growth of your company.

In fact, according to a global survey of 572 executives between February and March in 2012 by the Economist Intelligence Unit stated that a large percentage of these executives (close to 90%) believe that improving cross-border communications in their organisations would also improve their profits, revenue and market share. This is partly due to the fact that potential opportunities abroad are currently being rejected, which is corroborated by about two-thirds of those surveyed, who say that language and cultural barriers make it difficult to penetrate unfamiliar markets.

This information is in contrast to the 47% who say that their businesses do not offer enough training to perfect the language skills of their employees, and 40% consider that not enough emphasis is placed on hiring or selecting suitable personnel for intercultural environments.

Thus, we can confirm that communication training and English are of vital importance for the company if it wants to gain a foothold in the international market.


You have before you now the unique opportunity to grow your language. Contact Nathalie Language Experiences and discover the training plans that will change the future of your business. We can adapt the plans to different language speakers.

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