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The 5 best chats to learn English

With practice, perfection is achieved and today we propose the most interesting chats to learn English in order to improve your language skills.

We love the educational potential of chats, it’s an entertaining and alternative resource to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

The more opportunities you take to learn the language the better you become. For this reason, today we have bought these types of resources so that you can practice and improve your skills.

They are chats to learn English, websites where people from all over the world can make contact and exchange culture and language. It’s an entertaining, dynamic and to some extent addictive methodology. We do not see it as a formative base to learn a language, but rather an opportunity to perfect what has been worked on in class. If you do not go to a specialised centre, we recommend that you choose a good English school.


english learning chats


5 chats to learn English that are 100% unmissable.

In other posts we have already emphasised that learning a language can be fun: video games, Netflix series or listening to English radio stations.



This is much more than a chat, it’s a great close-knit community to learn languages, there are already 50 million users from 200 different countries. On here you will not only be able to practice what you have done in class, take tests and lessons, but you can also improve your writing level and everything will be corrected by native speakers.



When you enter this chat platform to learn English, there is a concept that remains clear: you learn a language by speaking, there is no more.

It is a very popular language exchange website for millions of users, and it involves 7500 teachers from all over the world. You can join existing practice groups, create your own and have free live English classes. What more could you want? A unique opportunity to improve your listening.



Probably the most famous community in the world of chats to learn English, it has one million and a half users and you can learn more than 100 languages. Once you enter the page you see its main motto: Learn any language fluently. So, get down to work, its your time to work on your skills whenever you want, more than 10,000 teachers are waiting for you to chat.

One of the advantages is that it has skype integrated into its social network, so you can improve your speaking with ease. If you are interested in trying lessons with “community teachers”, you have that option at a variable cost. It’s a good way to have personalised learning if that’s what you’re looking for at the moment.

More than 5 million students choose this platform, that counts for something, right?  We recommend that you take a look at these 5 basic rules of phonetics so that you do not get lost with the mysteries of listening comprehension.


4.PenPal Word

Okay, we are not going to fool you, this chat website for learning English is not as attractive or visually modern like the example before, but it’s totally free and meets your goal perfectly: to get in touch with people all over the world to practice your language.

You can find people with a certain affinity or who reside in a specific country. If you want to learn to differentiate the English accent from the American, it could be a good opportunity, right?



With this special name, we bring you the latest chat platform to learn English. Sign up easily and start taking advantage of tons of resources to improve your language skills.

CoffeeLearning is a space to carry out language exchange, chat with native students from all over the world and try games to enhance vocabulary and pronunciation.


We hope this post will be useful for you, but, if you want a defining experience to learn English, you can rely on our summer immersion programmes.

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