Useful english phrases to use when traveling

Not long ago we told you why it is worth learning English, and one of the main reasons is for travel. Discover some useful english phrases to enjoy your stays abroad. 

But often, even if we know English we can´t express ourselves in certain situations. This usually occurs when our language is a bit rusty.

It´s essential to practise English in order to tackle real-life situations. It´s then when you perfect your English.

Therefore, at Nathalie Language Experiences, each year we organise linguistic immersion trips that are very effective for authentic language learning. Follow these piece of advices to take advantage of this and improve your skills. 

If you are going on holiday, these English phrases below will be very useful for you.

Essential English phrases

Here are some questions that will be very useful in any environment. From asking for a hand with your suitcase, to asking where the post office is.

It’s very important that you start with “please” or “excuse me” before making any sort of question.


  • Could you please tell me the way to Big Ben?
  • Could you please help me …? 
  • Could you speak slower? 
  • Excuse me sir/madam, do you know where platform 8 is? 

It’s fundamental when you travel that you aren´t embarrassed to ask questions, or even to ask them to repeat their answer. Traveling is an experience, don´t ruin it by being shy.

  • Sorry, I didn´t understand that … 
  • Could you say that again, please? 

English phrases at the Airport

It´s very likely that this summer you will be traveling by plane. Therefore, it seems important that you know phrases to help you get around an airport without problems.


  • Do you have any liquids or sharp objects in your hand luggage? 
  • Do you know which is the gate for flight …? 
  • Here is my passport and booking reference. 
  • Your flight has been delayed. 

And if you hear the following phrase on the speaker… be quick!

  • Last call for passenger (your name) travelling to Edinburgh, please proceed immediately to gate number … 

English phrases in the Hotel

Once you have arrived at your accommodation you will have to ask questions about your reservation, services, or even recommendations for things to do in the area.


  • Good morning, I have a reservation under the name of … 
  • Could I have breakfast in my room please? 
  • I would prefer a single room.
  • Do you have any recommendations for where to eat? 
  • Could you please call a taxi for me?

English phrases when you´re out and about

When you travel, one of the best things to do is wander around and explore your environment. Below are some phrases that will be useful for asking for the street name, where the tourists office is etc…

  • Is there anything good on …? 
  • I´d like to hire a car. 
  • What are the opening hours? 
  • How much is it to get in? 

And a question that will be very useful if you don´t want to overload on the good old selfie:

  • Excuse me, could you take a photo for me? 

We are leaving this video below with some extra vocabulary for the airport.

We hope that this selection of English phrases will be interesting and useful for you if you want to travel abroad.

They will help you get out of tricky situations. But in all seriousness… Why not look for a good English academy and learn English properly?

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