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Why it is Worth Learning English

If you are still doubting the importance of knowing English, today we will try and convince you. There are many reasons for dedicating time and effort into learning a language.

If you have been lucky enough to benefit from learning English from a young age, you will already know a thousand benefits of being able to speak the language. But if you are an adult, perhaps you need a motivational push to take it seriously and master the second most spoken language in the world.

5 Powerful Reasons for Learning English

Speaking English is going to allow you to integrate better into a world that is becoming more and more globalised. Below we will explain 5 reasons why English should be your number one priority.

  1. Finding work

Knowing English is essential to finding work. Since the start of the economic crisis, lots of people have decided to move to other countries for better job opportunities.

Speaking this language is necessary for your career path. For almost every job offer inside and outside of Spain, speaking and understanding English is a basic requirement.

If you are look for employment, we recommend that you know how to make a good CV in English in order to be considered for the job.

  1. It is The Language of The Internet

English is the most global language in the world. Being able to understand and communicate with the majority of the world is the greatest tool you could have at your disposal.


Knowing English, you will be able to read, listen to and write for a much wider public. If you want to download something, carryout searches, look up opinions etc… you will be able to access a much great quantity of information and benefit from many offers.

As you will have realised, the Internet is overflowing with Anglicisms. Spanish is being invaded by English terms without us realising: emails, apps, sándwiches, trending topic, sales…

And not forgetting the acronyms that we use as if they were our own: ASAP, LOL, TGIF… Do you not know what they mean? As soon as possible, Laughing out loud, Thank God it´s Friday.


On balance, understanding English gives you the possibility of being up to date with the world

  1. Travelling Easily Anywhere in The World

There won´t be a destination that you can resist. If you know how to speak English, you will be able to travel without a problem to any place in the world.

If you are a lover of travelling, we can´t see a better reason for learning or improving your English.

Imagine yourself on a sunny beach in Thailand, taking a walk down the bustling streets of Tokyo, or hiking in the Fjords. Learn English now, and you will enjoy these trips much more.

  1. Meet People of All Nationalities

If you speak English, you will be able to communicate with the whole world. It will be very useful when you are travelling, or when you move to another country… In general, knowing English will open doors to new friendships.


Although you may not have an advanced level in the language, it is important to push yourself to practise it in order to be integrated in the society wherever you are in the world.

  1. Watching Series and Films, or Listening to Music in English

You should be aware that you are surrounded by all types of entertainment and the majority are in English. If you speak English, you will be able to understand the lyrics to your favourite songs.

Who doesn´t like music? Wouldn´t you like to know exactly what your favourite group was singing about in their latest song? Learn to enjoy music and stop mumbling the lyrics.

For cinema lovers or TV fans, wouldn´t it be rewarding to get rid of the subtitles and understand what the actors are saying without resorting to dubbing?

Of course, watching series in their original version is a way of learning English. Did you know this already?


All of this can be extended to the world of leisure, including reading, online games, mobile applications…

Doesn´t this seem like a powerful motivation for improving our level of English?

Learning a language is a very personal decision. Everyone should find their own reasons for doing so. Whatever yours is, speaking a second language is full of advantages. Think about all that you could do and imagine the opportunities that you could have before you.

Have you found the necessary stimulus? Now you only need the best professionals for teaching English to accomplish your dream.

Would you like to make a start on this journey with Nathalie Languages? Don´t think twice about it. Trust in us to achieve your goal: mastering English.

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