Our students being abroad

Happy International Student Day!

Today, the 17th November, from Nathalie Language Experiences we want to congratulate all our students, claiming their place as an active and indispensable member of the educational community. Do you want to know why today is your day?

November 17, the day marked on the students’ calendar.

Students represent a high percentage of the world’s population. The educational community is made up of parents, teachers, administration and of course, students.

Although there are countries where this celebration takes place on a different day, everyone is looking to remind society of the struggle that this group has led throughout history. Which is the aim? Achieving a free education and claiming their rights. Students have been promoters of many aspects that make our society what it is today. They’re the brave who took to the streets, faced dictatorships, staged riots, rose up against oppression and protested to achieve a more just system.


Our students being abroad

Origin of International Student Day: Let’s look at the History pages.

Why the 17th November and not another day? We have to go back to 1939 where we travel to Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia. The territory is undergoing a Nazi invasion and a group of young students take to the streets to protest against the repression of Hitler. There are riots and confrontations, as a result of this many people are injured and there is one fatality, Jan Opletal, a medic student.

Because of this tragedy, in the days to come more and more students from universities all over the country come out to protest, intensifying the resistance. As of November 15, the burial day of student Jan, protests begin in universities and residences both in Prague and other cities. The Nazis responded to these protests with full force and on the night of November 16-17, many students were arrested and more death took place.

The news spread like wildfire around the world and November 17th became a symbol of the work of students in our society, of their struggle against repression in favour of freedom and democracy. The day was officially declared in 1941 by the International Student Union (IUE), an organisation that brings together student associations in various countries. This day is an event that is currently celebrated in more than 114 nations.

Same end, different date.

It’s true that not all countries celebrate this day on the same date, for example, in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile or Mexico, International Student Day is marked on other dates in their respective calendars in order to remember other occasions in their national history in which their students also fought at odds with their governments.

However, the purpose of this commemoration is the same, to honour all those young students who contributed to making changes in their society, asserting their rights either through protests, strikes or their actions.

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Students and the Cinema: Films created for them.

Today we recommend that you celebrate your day by having a good time and practising your English. How? If you like films then here is a list of some films that have been a reference in the world of education.

The Dead Poets Club (1989): A non-conformist literature teacher and free thinker wants to make his students believe, like him, that there isn’t anything that’s impossible, inviting them to want to be unique and extraordinary.

-The Language of the Butterflies (1999): The strong ties formed between a teacher and an 8-year-old boy show the importance of always defending freedom of expression and acquiring knowledge through personal experience.

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