The 25 most used verbs in English

The 25 most used verbs in English. It’s summer, we know you’re hot and want to relax so today we’re going to present you with a very visual post with the most used verbs in English. Use it as a work and review tool and take the opportunity to increase your English vocabulary.


25 most used verbs in English


English verbs and their conjugation are some of the most important topics for true language learning, and we know it can be a headache, especially phrasal verbs.

Verbs are a lot, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information. Choosing the most important is not an easy task, today we are just going to tell you which are the 25 most used verbs in English. Get to work, learn them and start using them in your day-to-day life.

Learn the verbs in English that you will need the most:

  1. be
  2. have
  3. do
  4. say
  5. get
  6. make
  7. go
  8. know
  9. take
  10. see
  11. come
  12. think
  13. look
  14. want
  15. give
  16. use
  17. find
  18. tell
  19. ask
  20. work
  21. seem
  22. feel
  23. try
  24. leave
  25. call

The verb indicates the action that the subject performs.

To form the past tense of a “regular” verb in English add -ED, if the verb already ends in -E, just add -D to make the past tense.


I study / I studied.

I work / I worked

I open / I opened


25 most used verbs in English


Irregular Verbs in English

Here, instead of giving you the most used verbs in English, we are going to give you a very complete table of the irregular ones, which are the verbs whose structure changes completely in both the present and past tense. To better explain it, they are verbs that do not follow the standard conjunction patterns of the English language.

What we like least about these verbs is that by not following a general rule that can be applied, learning them can be very complex. However, to be able to communicate in English you know have to know them as they’re an important part of the language.

With this table that you can see below, you have a good base to put your batteries. Read an assimilate little by little and you will see that as time goes on everything is more natural than you think it will be.


The 25 most used verbs in English


In any case, we recommend that you look for a good English school, like Nathalie language Experiences, so that your English learning goes smoothly.

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