Vocabulary about technology and computing: Catch up

We live surrounded by technology, and the internet invades every aspect of our existence. If you are learning a language, now is the time to learn a bit of lingo. Working on vocabulary in English is an important part of learning and this is going to be the first of many articles for this specific purpose.

We are in the middle of the technological era and new words appear every day, many of them, Anglicisms. Terms such as blog, tablet, selfie are just some of the words that have even been added in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. Surprising, right?

How are we going to give you a hand? With a table of English vocabulary about technology and the internet, you can save it and review it every time you want to look at vocabulary about technology. It will prove very useful; we are sure of it.


technology vocabulary, computing vocabulary

Learn 60 Anglicisms in the field of technology and computing.

Here you have some useful and visual information to help with your process of learning English. Some simple and basic terminology to keep up to date with the world.

Many are words that you surely already use in your daily routine, others may not sound so familiar to you. The point is to work and continue perfecting the language.

Do you want to get down to work? Get on your feet and give your English vocabulary a boost.

Read and learn.

Whether you are one of those who think that technology controls us, or if you are passionate about science and you spend your life hooked on your computer, there are words and terms that you should know.

If you are studying languages, it is important that you become familiar with English vocabulary about technology and computing. You can advance by giant steps and if you want to be up to date, you must adapt to the new times and all the language that accompanies it.

With the list of terminology that we present, you will see that you will be able to move like a fish in water within the technological universe. And do you know what this can do for you? Help you face a job interview in English. If you want to know some more tips to prepare a job interview, please click here.


technology vocabulary, computing vocabulary

Download NOW this English vocabulary about computing and technology.

Defend yourself in conversations with more specific terminology, take note and practice. The key to mastering a language is to integrate it into your routine 24/7.

The time to learn English is now.

If you need to take the next step and advance in your learning process with the best professionals, contact Nathalie Language Experiences. It may be time to study English abroad and become an English speaker, do you not think?

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