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The Origin of Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday. But, what it is Cyber Monday? Christmas is coming and social media is flooded with anglicisms like Black Friday, announcing that the time has come to succumb to consumerism even more, if that’s even possible. Today we are going to discover what Cyber Monday is. Are you curious? Keep reading.

From the outset, we already anticipate that it is a good opportunity to catch up on Christmas shopping. If you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet or missed out on the benefit of Black Friday then Cyber Monday is on one day: Monday 29th November.

Many stores offer a wide catalogue of exclusive discounts, focused mainly on online purchases and technological products.


cyber monday


Since when is Cyber Monday celebrated?

This date has been commemorated since 2005. Executives Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman invented this name to promote electronic commerce and it always coincides with the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

This Anglicism was used for the first time in a press release on the website Since then, this event full of great discounts has spread throughout the world, and Spain isn’t an exception.

In that country it is the second year that Cyber Monday is taking place. Now we are more than convinced that this American custom will have a long future ahead of it.

A great opportunity for businesses to get rid of stock from previous seasons and even give way to the news that has been going strong.

For people, it is a great occasion to take advantage of 24 more hours of shopping before Christmas, the known as the Three Wise Men or any other upcoming celebration you have on the calendar.

A Cyber Monday with all kinds of offers

In 2017, this date of online shopping exceeded Black Friday in turnover and doubled Thanksgiving sales in the US. If the trend continues, this year both Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be very on par in sales. Why? Basically, because businesses extend the offers launched that week until Cyber Monday, there is assured success.

This event has led to the rise of online shopping. The sales are increasing every year.

The main products of this Monday of discounts tend to be of a technological nature, so this year it will be time to switch smartphones, get the latest console, renew your 4K smart tv or maybe a new laptop.



Many companies, including eBay and Amazon, are taking advantage of the entire week of Black Friday by publishing many offers in sports, electronics, computers and home which will peak on Cyber Monday, with prices greatly reduced by more than 40%.

Fnac, Ikea, Game, Mediamarkt… have called this week of scandalous discounts Cyber Week.

Although it seems that only technological gadgets are sold at discounted prices, in reality there are bargains covering beauty, home, fashion, travel, food… give yourself a treat now. You deserve it!

If you are not going to spend money on these dates, you could save and invest in your next gift. Such as, an academic year abroad. Don´t you think?

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