Why it is Important to learn english with a native speaker

There are many ways of learning a language, and a good recommendation is that you choose a teaching centre with English-speaking teachers. Taking class with natives is always an excellent choice when the student already has a good grammatical base in the language.

Is this the case for you? Is your aim to improve and master English? If the answer is yes, discover below why it is worth learn English with a native.

Although learning English with a native isn´t the only way of tackling this language, it has many additional advantages that you should bear in mind:

1. A better and more natural pronunciation

It is one of the most complicated parts for spanish speakers when they start learning the English language. The best way to improve one´s dictation and English accent, is with a native. As it is their native language, no-one will be able to speak it quite like them.

Talking to an English teacher will also improve your listening ability. It is particularly very beneficial for students of an intermediate and advanced level, as those who already have mastered the most basic aspects of the language will be able to take the next step in their learning of English.

To correctly speak the language, the details of pronunciation are very important. We guarantee that with the help of a native, you will achieve this.

2. Access to authentic English

In the hands of an English-speaking teacher, you will be in constant contact with real English. Furthermore, you will familiarise yourself with English slang during the classes.

3. Quick detection of grammatical errors

If you learn english with a native, they can notice grammatical errors easily. For example, the use of ´to´ is often used incorrectly, and an English teacher will pick up on this straight away.

4. They have a greater knowledge of vocabulary and expressions

Although there will be exceptions, it is very difficult for a non-native teacher to have the same level of vocab of a native. This is particularly true if we include colloquial language, since this part of the language is learnt throughout the course of life and not by studying a language in a classroom. I recommend you to read this post about how to increase your vocabulary.

5. A better understanding of the use of verbs

When learning languages, the verbs are always a challenge. There are many verbal tenses, as well as a huge quantity of irregular forms that can become overwhelming.

If you choose a native speaker, this entire process will become much simpler, especially of those whose meaning is the same but which you use depends on the situation.

6. Better understanding of the context

You choose learn english with a native is an excellent idea. When working on your speaking with him, it will be easier to understand and absorb the meaning of phrases.

7. More relaxed and simpler classes

A Native feels comfortable in their language and uses it in casual and entertaining ways. By it being their native language, their grammar is already there. Therefore, classes with a native teacher can be more fun and relaxed.

8. Access to current language

By being native and being in constant contact with the language, they will speak an up-to-date English. A non-native teaching may be using English expressions from when they learnt English or from when they were living abroad.

9. Better understanding of phrases and expressions in their language

In English, phrases such as “wise man” (hombre sabio) or “know it all” (sabelotodo) aren´t used for the same purpose. With a native teacher, you will achieve a deeper knowledge of the complexity of the language.

10. Integral understanding of the country´s culture

Other advantages when you decide to learn english with a native, other than their fluency in the language, is that they will be able to teach you about lots of aspects related to the customs and traditions of the country. It´s a way of enriching your learning, gaining access to curiosities and interesting facts.

For example, on our Summer Residentials, the student is accompanied by native tutors so that they enjoy a unique linguistic and cultural experience.

Here is a video with some advice for understanding a native English person that we hope you find useful:

As you have seen above, learn english with a native has a lot of advantages, but this isn´t the only important thing when learning the language correctly.

It is important that you bear in mind that being native does not meant that they are a good teacher. They must be a professional teacher, with a degree, experience and a teaching style adapted for each student.

Their training and personal characteristics are very important. They should be capable of motivating, being understood, creating education yet enjoyable teaching environments, knowing how to get meanings across etc… All together these are determining factors as to whether the student will enjoy themselves, and above all, improve their level of English.

At Nathalie Languages, we want to open the doors to the world that is becoming more and more globalised each day. Therefore, in our team we have native teachers so that your learning of English is truly successful. 

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    I just wanted to share a quick note that I am utterly satisfied to have this unique English-speaking course. Now I am able to communicate with other people in English and confident.


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