How to make the most of conversation classes

The best way to learn English is practising. Conversation classes are the key to perfecting a language. In this sense, we recommend that you learn English with a native speaker to take advantage of all the benefits of their mastery of English.

With these sessions of conversations, you will have a great time, you will develop your listening skills and you will have the opportunity to put your language skills into practise in real situations. Everything you need to achieve your goal: to speak English. 

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your conversation classes. 

Don’t just practise in class

In order to perfect the language, you need to introduce English into your day to day life. You should use conversation classes to practise what you have learned and evaluate your progress. 

Read English every day:  online newspapers, social media, letters, emails, novels … any text that you have in your hands can be a learning tool. It’s the best way to make the most of conversation classes.

Find material that suits your level, that you like… you learn more easily when you enjoy what you’re doing. Also, follow these tips to improve your reading comprehension in English. 


Listen: turn on the radio, watch tv series in their original language, listen to music in English… this doesn’t mean that you need to be immersed all day in the language. But include these habits in your daily routine. This way you will improve your listening.

Write: Try to make a diary entry in English. Over time you can review what you write and evaluate your progress. Discover 7 methods to perfect your writing here

Talk, talk and talk whenever you have a chance. If you meet friends who are studying English, if you know English speakers, if you are travelling, if you meet a tourist …

Any excuse is good reason to practise the language and perfect your pronunciation

Take note of vocabulary and you mistakes

They are conversation classes, however we recommend that you take a notebook with you. This doesn’t mean that you should spend the whole time distracted by writing down every word. 

What matters is that you are focused on the dialogue and you can follow the conversation. But if from time to time an expression comes up that you don’t recognise and it is interesting, you should write it down.

It is a good idea that at the end of the class, the professor tells you aspects that need improving or mistakes. You learn from your mistakes, make sure you write down the teacher’s observations and this way you can concentrate on improving them.

It is better with multilingual groups

These conversation classes are best when the members have different mother tongues. 

This avoids the temptation to translate word for word, taking for granted that everyone else with understand you. It is a great opportunity to learn new and varied vocabulary.


In these classes, by being unable to revert back to your mother tongue, a greater effort is made to express yourself in English. This also makes interactions much more entertaining and interesting. 

Have conversations classes and also revision classes

The conversation sessions are not the time to ask questions or raise doubts about grammar or any theoretical question. 

It is best that you have some extra classes so that you can go over such questions and anything that is not clear. 

It is very important to solve the basic problems that make communication difficult. This way you are able to advance your English learning. 

Enjoy the process of learning

This is the best piece of advice for learning English. Talk, joke with classmates, play with the language … don’t waste any opportunity to communicate, laugh and have fun in each part of the process. 

Shyness and embarrassment are the number 1 enemies of learning a language, so leave them at home. 

So get working on your English and choose the best professionals for your training. Reserve your place Nathalie Languages now. 

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