5 reasons for doing an intensive english in the summer

The holidays are approaching – a perfect time for restarting many tasks that have been forgotten about. If you are going to have more free time and want to improve your English, why not take part in an intensive summer course? This would be the perfect time to do it.

Discover below 5 good reasons for taking part in an intensive English course in the summer. We are certain that they will convince you:

1. Lots of Progress in a Short Amount of Time

The courses involve an intense immersion into the English language. You will be able to advance in your learning in a short period of time.

They usually are between 15 and 80 hours a month, although this depends on the English academy that you choose. By speaking frequently, your ear will quickly become accustomed to the language. You will absorb the language very effectively by practising daily.

2. Refresh What you Already Know

It is perfect for people whose English is a bit rusty and need to revise a bit. An immersive experience will help you with this.

On an intensive English course, you will be able to revise all the aspects of the language that you have forgotten.


It is the ideal method for getting back in touch with the language that you have lost. Improve your pronunciation, perfect your writing, or work on your oral expression. Whatever the objective is, this summer you can achieve it.

3. First Encounter of the Language

An intensive English course is the perfect opportunity for starting to learn a foreign language.

It can be the time to learn the basic notions of the language, and bit by bit you will achieve a variety of goals as you go up the levels.

4. Strengthen your Learning

If you are studying English all year and you need a final push to revise a certain aspect or to pass an exam, an intensive course is recommendable.

In this way, you will strengthen your knowledge in order to feel more prepared and to achieve the goal that you have set yourself.

5. Go to Live in Another Country

If you are going to work abroad, it is recommendable that you strengthen your level of English in order to be able to communicate without problems.

Get down to work and prepare yourself with an intensive English language course. Think about the fact that your survival will depend on your ability to speak English. Although it won´t be perfect, you will go with a much stronger base.


A piece of advice: take advantage of your time on an intense English course.

For your learning to be truly beneficial, it´s recommendable that you know the level of your knowledge as well as your limitation. Therefore, you will go with a well-defined goal and you will achieve a better outcome.

The important thing is to improve your language in a short amount of time; therefore, you should make a big effort so that everything is done productively.

Different to the annual courses, in which you usually have tasks out of teaching hours in order to maintain your learning, on an intensive course you will be working daily in the classroom.

They are very dynamic sessions that encourage participation and have few students in order to maximise your results. Forget about typical classes when you only listen to the teacher. On these types of course, the student should speak and listen in English.

In a month you will notice real results in your progress, we encourage you to put to test your knowledge and improve your linguistic skills.

If you want to dedicate this summer to taking part in an intense English language course, we suggest that you contact Nathalie Languages.

We offer you a personalised training with extraordinary teaching composed of native and non-native teachers, in small groups, and with enjoyable activities for a better adaptation to the language.

Enjoy a very special month learning and you will see how much you advance.

Our aim is that you acquire more confidence by practising English and for you to have an excellent summer by our side.

What are you waiting for to sign up?

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