Is it important to speak English to find a job?

The answer is yes, taking into account the current economic situation. Nowadays it is more important to speak English to find a job, both in Spain and abroad.

The study of languages has always been recommended to improve your job prospects, however in reality mastering the English language has become entirely indispensable to be considered for many job opportunities.

English plays a crucial role in society

It is becoming more and more important to learn languages, and above all to acquire a level that enables you to have a conversation with ease. 

What is the best way to do this? Going to English classes and especially, doing an English immersion programme.


Doing an English course abroad is full of benefits, you can put into practise all you learn during the theory sessions and by doing this acquire a natural fluency. It’s the best way to speak english to find a job.

It is undeniable that languages, especially English, are more and more important. They are useful for human relationships, to travel, to enjoy foreign entertainment (such as English TV series), but what is still most important is the way that languages can help you to find work in the current global situation.

The English training in Spain is a handicap

In Spain, according to the data from the study conducted in 2016 by Education First, although there has been boost to promote bilingualism, young people still don´t receive sufficient education during their school years. 

After finishing high school, the level obtained is intermediate and to incorporate it into the competitive job market, it is just not enough.

The Spanish Education System, doesn´t integrate English learning from an early age. This is a true cultural burden, which greatly limits the chances of finding employment. 

Therefore, it is essential that people train by their own means by going to training centres, carrying out exchange programs, immersion courses. 

All to develop their linguistic abilities and improve their futures 

Many people travel abroad in search of employment

The media constantly refers to the thousands of people that are leaving their country for better job opportunities.

It is also a fact that companies are increasingly demanding workers that speak English as primary requirement.

The reality is the following: 1 in every 3 job offers in Spain requires the worker to speak a second language. The problem is that the level of English in our country leaves a lot to be desired.

According to a recent study by the Cambridge Monitor, Spain is one of the countries with the worst level of English. Spanish people realise the importance of knowing English, as 80% of the people considered it important in the search for a job.


However, the reality is very different. The Spanish people have been evaluated with 2.67 points out of 5. This places Spain with 44% of citizens with a low or very low level of English, far behind France and Italy.


These dates should really be taken into account by the Minister of Education, so that language policies can be applied that promote language learning from an early age.


The experience of emigrating to a foreign country in order to find employment can become very complicated, if you cannot have a conversation in English. In fact, it is usually the first problem that a person encounters while travelling with the aim of finding a job

Without knowing how to speak the language of the chosen destination, it makes it very difficult to be chosen to fill a position. Unless the other candidates have no qualifications or no personal contact information, not being able to speak the language is not a desirable situation to find yourself in.

Get a move on and learn English to get a job

If you need to find a job, and you don´t really speak English, it is a good idea to dedicate some time before the trip for an update with an intensive course.

This way at least, you can acquire a level that allows you to move with a certain ease in the chosen country. If you succeed, you can find a wider selection of job offers and succeed in your interviews in English with flying colours.

You can’t travel abroad without being able to understand and express yourself in their language, and then wonder why you don’t find any professional opportunities.

Whether you are looking for a job in Spain, or if you want to go abroad, we recommend that you take a language immersion course to get going and improve your skills. The best way to speak a language is to practise it, don´t worry we won´t get tired of hearing it.

With these language immersion programmes, you will be in touch with native speakers and learn the language by complete immersion into the culture and the language. All this will provide with a certain ease, a greater vocabulary and a better diction to go through the selection process when searching for a job.

Don´t despair, if you persist and keep practising you will be able to see the improvement in your English and your job search will end in success. Never it’s too late to learn english, although you were adult.

Have you signed up to improve your English and change your future yet?  Here at Nathalie Languages, we will help you to achieve these goals.

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