What makes a good English Teacher? Read and discover it

Do you want to know what makes a good English teacher? Although in this post we are going to refer to English language teachers, the majority of these characteristics can, and should, be seen in all types of teachers.

When choosing a good English academy, this is going to be a key thing to focus on when making decisions.

Not everyone can teach. It can seem like an easy solution for people who don’t know what to do with their future end up taking.

Being a good English teacher requires certain skills that we are going to highlight below.


1. Knowing How to Teach

You ́d think that this is obvious, but it isn’t. It’s important that a teacher knows how to do their job well. Knowing English doesn’t mean that you can teach it.

An English teacher should have solid knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and you must be able to resolve any doubts raised by students promptly.

And very, very importantly, know different teaching focuses and methods because not all students learn the same way.

A good English teacher must know how to adapt their classes to their students, bearing in mind their needs.


They should also have a qualification in language teaching that shows a professional teaching in English.

In this point, we can highlight that a native teacher can be a bonus for teaching languages, if they are properly prepared and know how to connect the needs of the students.

2. Know How to Lead

A good English teacher thinks about what the student needs: to improve reading comprehension, writing, listening, to sit an official exam such as the Oxford Test of English, Trinity College exams and others.

A quality teacher knows what the student needs, and above all, is capable of guiding and evaluating their needs. 

If you put yourself in the hands of a good teacher, be sure that you will achieve your goal. At Nathalie Language Experiences, we employ extraordinary professional teachers.

3. Show Empathy

Learning English is very pleasing, but for many students it can be frustrating.

Often, English classes focus mainly on oral expression, something that for certain students can be very hard.

There are people who take time without studying and retake it, they feel shy in front of the rest of the class. There are many instances when students get disheartened with learning.

Therefore, empathy is key. A good English teacher should be able to understand how their students are feeling. And always go the extra mile to get the best out of them, opting for different focuses. And they should never forget that they themselves were a student once.

4. Be Creative

Learning a foreign language shouldn’t be a punishment. Students must work in and outside of the classroom.

This implies strength from the student and it is a task for the teacher to make the learning process enriching and fun.

A good English teacher must be able to use a creative and multidisciplinary focus. Each class should be different, entertaining and educational.


By making use of creativity, the sessions will be more interesting and the students will feel more motivated.

Learning should not be solely based on looking at a textbook and doing non-stop exercises. 

You can learn with songs, board games, watching TV series, reading English novels… There are many ways to focus one’s learning, and a quality teacher will know how to do this.

5. Knowing How to Listen

Although this seems like a very obvious characteristic, there are lots of teachers who feel superior by being the centre of attention in a class, sharing anecdotes and the rest.


But what actually defines a good teacher is if they know how to listen to their students and don’t rule the class.

They should be able to animate their students to practise the four linguistic skills: reading comprehension, listening, speaking and writing. Because in the outside world they are going to need to master them all.

6. Being Patient

A good English teacher should have patience with their students.

There are many times when students ask the same questions again and again. This can be frustrating, but a good teacher should know how to respond to all the doubts that they raise.

A quality teacher won’t mind answering questions, and if it’s not clear, they will find different ways of explaining it.

7. Encourage Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning languages should not be limited to classrooms.

A good teacher should recommend several ways to deepen students ́ knowledge of the English language.

Today, there are lots of resources for practising English. A teacher should encourage their students to use all types of tools to be able to keep them motivated and interested in languages.

They should be able to encourage their curiosity, and therefore, they will progress quickly.

If you want to learn English properly, find a good teacher. It is a process that requires time. You should find one that fits you and understands your needs.

At Nathalie Language Experiences, we employ extraordinary teachers who will provide an extremely positive learning experience.

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